Welcome to the official website of writer and broadcaster, Paul Ferguson. His first novel ‘Killing the Dead’ has just been published and is now available to buy. If you like reading fast paced thrillers with colourful characters, twists and turns and a unique story line then you have come to the right place.

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Comments About the Book:

‘Dear Paul, you met my daughter a few weeks ago (Ginger). She was looking for an audio book for her sisters birthday. Anyway, you sold her your book for me to read. I just wanted to thank you for signing it for me. It was a really good read, which moved faster and faster the more you got into it. I found myself going to bed early so that I could read more. I do hope when I write my book it will have that same grabbing quality, even though it will be a Historical Novel.Anyway, just wanted to say thank you and also well done! Oh and even though it’s a book, it would also make a great movie!’ With Kindest Regards,tamara

‘Just finished the book and enjoyed it immensely.  I was intrigued by the title, but of course all was revealed as you got further into the book.  It had a bit of everything in it, including romance, with clever twists throughout.  Do hope you plan to write more as it was great!!’ Karen O’Sullivan

‘Thanks for the pleasurable reading adventure.  The book was great.  I finished it last night on my Kindle. The hard copy I bought has been passed on to a friend of mine who will appreciate it and can’t spare the money to buy a copy.  Have a great day!’ Bat (J Goodal)

‘Hey Paul I just read your novel. It was great. I read hundreds and hundreds of detective novels and this ranks among the top. When’s the next one coming out?’ Michael Andolina

Hi Paul, I was very lucky to have met you in my home town of Haywards Heath, and it was here that I bought a copy of your first novel. Well, I finally got round to reading it and absolutely loved it.I found it original, exciting and clever and once started, couldn’t put the book down. I can certainly see the book as a movie!     Jason

‘I’ve read the book and recommend it highly to anyone who doesn’t mind a little blood and guts. I enjoyed it throughout. ( I read it on Kindle via Amazon in early December). Thanks for the great read, Paul! A little more sex in the next one,please.’ John Savage

‘My wife, Jody, and I both read your book and enjoyed it very much. Bought it through amazon and passed it on to my brother n law who is reading it now. Read many authors in the murder- legal-serial killer- mystery world and your work is as good as any of them. Keep writing and let us know when your next one is out.’ Ken Garno