Script Writing/ My Films

‘My Darling Wife’ was written in 2008 after Paul attended a script writing course held by Straight Curve in Beckenham Kent. Shortly after the course Paul was asked to provide a sixty second film script based on the theme ‘unite’ for the Orange BAFTA Short Film competition. The idea of a quarrelling politician and is wife coming together for a common goal caught the attention of the judges and as a result the film, ‘My Darling Wife’, received a BAFTA nomination following a first place finish in the London Region.

‘Steven Spielberg’, another Straight Curve film, is the story of a boy with special needs, who records the shooting of a local thug. When he tries to give his video camera to the police to aid the investigation, he’s ignored. A short time later his camera is stolen and it would appear that the evidence is lost forever, but then the detective investigating the murder gets his hands on it and the killer is caught on film….

Better than Nothing


‘The First Day’, filmed by director/cinematographer Flemming Jetmar, is a humorous account of what can happen to a nagging wife…

‘Where is the Love’, a Straight Curve film, tells the story of a woman who feels that she and her partner are just going through the motions. Gone is the magic that drew them together, but is there more to this relationship than meets the eye?

‘It’s not funny’, Dark comedy written by Paul Ferguson and directed by Tim Dindjer. Starring Jan Hirst, John Cooper and Annabelle Beckh.

Something rather than nothing